Monday, October 19, 2009

Streamyx Broadband

KUALA LUMPUR: Telekom Malaysia is offering its streamyx GradPack package, which targets college and university students, until Dec 31.

Subscribers will enjoy broadband service at a lower rate, as well as receive some free goodies, according to the telecommunications giant.

GradPack offers two Internet service packages � 384Kbps (kilobits per second) for RM50 a month or 1Mbps (megabit per second) for RM100 monthly.

The students who subscribe will get a free modem, and a streamyx Zone ID which grants them wireless access at more than 1,300 hotspots nationwide.

TM is also waiving its RM75 activation and RM88 installation fees for GradPack users.

Also, subscribers of the 1Mbps package will get access to music portal Hypptunes, video service HyppTV and the Rose Online Evolution massively multiplayer online role-playing game for three months.

In addition to that, they will get a TM�Manchester United special-edition T-shirt for free.

Students who want to subscribe to GradPack must present their student ID at any TMpoint, TMpoint Authorised Dealership (TAD) outlet, or TM authorised reseller nationwide.


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When you first hear the term internet addiction, you may smile and think this new term is a joke. Okay, so maybe people do waste a lot of time on the internet. But how can that be such a bad thing?

Yet, internet addiction can be a serious problem. Like many addictions, it is a compulsive disorder. First, take the word addiction itself. Addiction means that you are dependent on something, it is taking up a lot of your time. Now think about the time one can waste on the internet. Okay, so an hour here and there isn't a bad thing. But if a person is addicted to the internet they will be online longer than just an hour and it won't just be an event that happens occasionally, being online is something they do daily for hours on end. This addiction can lead to time away from family and friends. It can even led to time that should be spent at work.

Internet addiction can be further explained into subcategories, too. One may not just be addicted to the internet. One can get addicted to certain activities that perform while on the internet such as: online auctions, online chat rooms, online surfing, online gaming, and this addiction can even led to more serious online problems such as online gambling and online cybersex.

How do you know if you have a problem? You should start by looking at your internet habits. Then ask yourself such questions as: How often are you online? Does being online ever interfere with your work or home duties and if so how often does it? How often do you check your email? Do people in your home complain about how often you are online? Do you continue to search out new online friends? When you are not online do you anticipate when you can go back online? Do you get annoyed when someone interrupts you while you are online? Do you loose sleep because you are online late at night? Do you ever hide the length of time you were online?

The answer to the above questions can indicate that you have a problem. If you think you do, what should you do? Like with any other health problem, you may want to consider counseling. If you can't afford counseling, you may want to check out some websites that offers some help.

It may seem strange that there are websites that help with online addiction. Yet, if you think about it online websites may be the best place for online addiction sufferer to seek help. A great site is At this site, they further explain what online addiction is. They also have online self tests you can take, to see if you have a problem and to see just how deep your problem is. They also offer advice for more serious online problems such as online gambling and online cybersex activities. They even have chat rooms where recovering addicts and family members of recovering addicts can come together and share.

Should one avoid the internet for fear of getting addicted, no? The internet is a wonderful tool. You can learn a lot online. Plus, it is a great place to just relax and have fun. But moderation is the key in any activity, including the internet.

Parents should also monitor their children to make sure that they are not becoming addicted to the internet. Some children, especially teenagers, have problems building friendships and relationships. You don't want your child's only friendships to be on the internet.

The internet and your online friends should not take the place of real life and real life people. If you remember that one sentence, you will continue to enjoy the internet in a healthy way.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Single Cup Coffee Makers Are Useful

One of the best options for families on the go, are single cup coffee makers. These types of coffee brewing systems allow a person to place a travel mug on the base of the unit and brew a single cup at a time. If you're in the type of family that is always scrambling for time, this may be your best options.

You may be asking yourself "What are the benefits of a coffee maker that only makes one cup of coffee at a time?" Well, strongly think about this, you're in a busy household filled with coffee drinkers and everyone likes a different type of coffee. Within 8 minutes you can brew up to 3 different types of coffee with ease. Imagine what you'd have to do if 3 people wanted different types of coffee with a regular coffee pot? You'd have to brew a new pot of coffee for each person, which could get expensive and time consuming. Alternatively, you could buy 3 different coffee pots and brew them all separately. More problems would arise from that even though it would save you more time, and you may simply lack the counter space for 3 coffee makers.

However, single cup coffee makers have even more benefits. Most good ones have a water tank reservoir that stores 48-60 oz. of water. This is extremely helpful because it will save you even more time. You simply fill the reservoir tank with water and then brew as many cups as needed until it's time to refill it again. When it comes to fine coffee brewing it just doesn't get any easier than that.

If you live alone single cup coffee makers are perfect. It's as easy as waking up in the morning and hitting a button while you run out the door, travel mug in hand. Executives with very little time will find this extremely useful. Imagine a cold morning and you're in your bath robe, and you don't feel like scooping out ground coffee into a filter, filling the tank with water and then waiting for it to brew. Now imagine that you walk out on that same cold morning and click a button. Within just a few minutes you have the perfect roasted cup of coffee, every time.

I am not a big fan of every piece of new technology but this one; I am. Why? Because it's very easy to use and extremely helpful to daily life. Plus, for the price of what a normal coffee pot like this cost, it's worth it. Most of this kind of coffee makers stay below the $149 mark and that's not bad at all.

Michael S Brown

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Artie Lange Pleads Guilty to DUI

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We've learned comedian Artie Lange just pled guilty to one count driving under the influence of a habit-producing drug. Cops say Artie -- who was pulled over in Tom's River, NJ on July 10 -- had a prescribed sleeping pill in his system when he got ...


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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

IvyBot - the Professional FOREX Trading Robot / Software

IvyBot was developed by Ivy League graduates with 4 separate robots at 1 price for Celcom Broadband Malaysia purpose of automating Foreign Exchange Trading (FX trading or Forex trading). It provides Free robot upgrades and you can turn your cash into hoards of more cash.$500 turning into $3,736 - in 30 Days$2,500 turning into $9,733 - in

Technology has developed to streamyx speed point where new slick, shiny and very powerful gadgets are springing up every which way. One such development is satellite internet broadband. Satellite technology has finally geared things up a notch, bringing internet to even the remotest regions in the world, from the jungles of the Amazon to the deserts of Africa, and even to rural America. For those living in the sticks, communications can be a tricky business, but thanks the modern marvel that is satellite broadband, dwellers of more pastoral climes can now surf like the rest of us.

Remote areas are often cut off from terrestrial internet access. To be eligible for DSL, you need to be within 18,000 feet of a phone center, some companies do cover larger distances, but even this does not suffice. Cable companies may offer internet, but even then, the remote hinterlands are off limits; they are simply too far. Satellite internet of the two-way variety operate via a Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT), which is a bidirectional link connecting your computer to a satellite dish orbiting Earth. In other words, you've got a satellite dish acting as your aperture to the signals sent from above. These antennas can be placed virtually anywhere to provide high speed connectivity for home offices, telecommuters, and other users. VSAT systems are used in internet cafes, hot spots, gas stations, remote hospitals and residences.

Your dish links up to a hub station, which is a large satellite dish about 6 meters in diameter. The Tmnet Online Common Equipment consists of a router to interface to external ISP network, a DVB-IP encapsulator to embed the IP data into an MPEG-2 format, a multiplexer, a modulator, timing lock, and high power amplifier. These all go into work to transfer and transmit signals back and forth to terrestrial based satellite dishes.

Different VSAT platforms utilize different configurations to access satellite wave segments and to share it amongst multiple subscribers. Many of these sharing techniques are based on TDMA or Time Division Multiple Access. This allows multiple users to share satellite space and is configured by allocating a group of users the same frequency segments and dividing it into time slots. Each user gets a separate timeslot or specified frequency.

Multicast service, also known as offline data delivery is a method used to push large amounts of data, e.g. media files, to users all at Broadband Internet Malaysia It's popularity derives from its ability to benefit both satellite providers and users. This method of data transfer means decreased satellite space segment usage, which is ultimately more beneficial to satellite internet providers. It's also a low cost way of pushing files.

Satellite internet technology is continually evolving. Improvements have been made so that the connection is practically seamless. Although one-way connections exist, the developments established with two-way satellite internet have made it a much more efficient and still very affordable option. Today's satellite internet users have a wide variety of choice at their service. Many providers offer a selection of packages for every need.

Are you ready to experience the Internet the way it was meant to be? Don't let dial-up get you down. HughesNet can connect you at speeds up to 50 times faster. broadband web are lots of great Hughes internet packages currently available.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Late Genting's Founder Faced Rejection

The road to success is never a one straight line. The road depicts a long journey. Lets take our education system for example. You would need at least 13 years Mbps Speed study before this society gladly accept you as a university graduate.

The late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong is a solid example of a hard core entrepreneur - from rag to riches. He will, without question remain a legacy for the Malaysians. After accumulating a mass of wealth at the late age of 50, he had a vision to build a hill resort near Kuala Lumpur. He poured his entire fortune of RM4 million into the project. He even invited his friends to invest RM1 million into this venture for a 10 per cent stake. I'm sure at that time, he was surprised that his friends rejected his generous offer hotel petaling jaya even gave him the wet blanket. They internet lead generation Tan Sri Lim that the project would fail. I believe those were his closest friends, but yet he was not spared from their unkind remarks. Without saying, time proved them wrong. The Genting Highlands resort was a great success.

Today, the Genting Group is Malaysia's leading multinational corporation and one of Asia's best-managed companies. The Group has over 40,000 employees globally, 11,000 acres of prime resort land and more than 200,000 hectares of plantation land. The Genting Group is the collective name for Genting Berhad and its subsidiaries and associates that comprises five listed entities with a combined market capitalisation of over US$22 billion (*as at 22 August 2007).

One of Genting's subsidiary, Genting International has 46 casino properties in the UK under the brands of the Stanley Leisure group. In Singapore, it is developing Resorts World at Sentosa, an integrated leisure and entertainment resort on Sentosa Island.

Lessons to be learned:

Success belongs to those who have great visions and determination. Tan Sri Lim pursued his dream and never gave up.

Believe in your dreams and don't let others pull you down. At certain points in our life, we will face people who don't share our dreams. Never ever let their negative words stop you from achieving your goals.

All genuine problems will have solutions. Knowing that the resort would be located high up in the mountain, it would be a hinder to visitors. So he built a road up the mountain in 1968.

Aaron Loh
Founder and Director of Wealth Learning International

Aaron Loh is an avid learner and is always in the pursuit for success in what he's passionately involved in - helping others to constantly learn and upgrade themselves. He faced many setbacks and challenges in this journey. With his strong commitment and determination, plus God's blessing, he successfully changed the lives of thousands and thousands of people.

JAN 20 ?Despite chalking up an emphatic win over BN, it still too early for PR to expect a smooth ride to Putrajaya.

Hence, Pas spiritual leader Nik Aziz was quick to urge his members to be gracious after victory. He is a veteran leader who fully understood the ups and downs in politics.

His advice is apt and timely. Ironically, this newly minted coalition was literally put together by the voters who decided they have tolerated enough of power arrogance after handing over easy mandate to BN for decades.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thai violence erupts on anniversary of coup against Thaksin Shinawatra

BANGKOK: Supporters of fugitive former Thai premier Thaksin Shinawatra vowed yesterday to hold more protests, a day after rallying in Bangkok on the third anniversary of the coup that toppled their leader. The troubled kingdom was rocked by two demonstrations over the weekend, with hardline anti-Thaksin protesters also...

With scores of mobiles phones available, it is likely that you may get confused while selecting them. Broadband Tv phones are one of the most crucial devices without which most of the people do not step out of their house. But high soaring mobile phone bills internet history cleaner restrained several uses to own a mobile phone. To Streamyx Hotline with such problems, the users can go for the latest contract mobile deals. This broadband providers compare is a constructive solution that proves to makes mobile communication affordable.

The latest contract mobile deals will help you to stay connected to shah alam malaysia near and dear ones without burning a hole in your pocket. In addition to that, you will also not have to compromise over your choice of mobile phone handset since this deal is tied up with handset. You can get the latest handset at cheap rate through this deal.

As per the three contract mobile deals, you will have to sign a contract for a stipulated time period with any leading network service provider of your choice. Almost all the leading network service providers offer the contract deals along with various other incentives and offers. So, before selecting them it is necessary that you make sure that it will match with your requirement and calling pattern.

Usually the contract deals duration range from 6 months to 12 months or even 18 months. You can easily choose the one that best suit your needs. During the whole contract deal term your specific network service provider will offer you several beneficial plans and incentives. Some of those plans and incentives include free mobile phone accessories, free mobile phone insurance, free texts, discounted call rates and many more.

You can select any high-end handset through latest contract mobile phone deals. Considering a thorough search through online mode will help you to find deals according to your particular calling patterns.

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OTK - What a crafty bugger!

By Eyes Wide OpenThose of you who remember my behind the scenes peek at the MCA, will remember I said Chua Soi Lek is Najib's proxy in the...

The Samsung F110 which is popularly known as Samsung Adidas Micoach. Actually the product is a tmnet malaysia of collaboration between Samsung and Adidas, which is a leading company in the sports arena. It is a sliding open phone that comes in light weight which is only 80 grams. It also has perfect resolution which is 101.5 mm in height 14.5 mm in thickness and 45 mm width. The sleek dimension of the mobile phone can spellbound anyone for a moment.

The Samsung F110 is empowered by many matchless features. Such as 2 inch wide TFT display screen which is controlled or regulated by navigation button given just underneath the wide screen display. This TFT screen is highly helpful as on which you can view any vibrant image, screen saver and wallpaper that too without feeling stress on your eyes.

This Samsung F110 is also a perfect pro. Actually the widget is furnished with heart rate monitor and a stride sensor which are excessively useful functions to the users. As with the help of these features one can keep the track of his performance, particularly running. The stride sensor given in the mobile phone is attached with shoe of the user for enumerating the pace, stride and distance. While monitor is used to maintain the record of information passed by stride sensor. And thus this sensor provides you authentic information with inclusive feedback.

Besides being a good trainer the Samsung F110 is also perfect appliance for Java embedded games and advance music. It is provided with 1 GB embedded memory which is used to carry many functions of the mobile phone. An integrated music player is also provided for playing heart breaking songs. And 2 megapixel camera is also among the wide range of multimedia capabilities which comes with image setting option.

This mobile phone is not only good for capturing pictures and listening to music but at the same time it can be used to record the video clips as well. It Adsl Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line now, at anytime of the day you can make video clip by Samsung F110. But mind you that these video clips are recorded inH263 and MPEG format.

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