Thursday, May 28, 2009

Adventures with iGoogle

Ive been experimenting with iGoogle a bit more lately as Streamyx default home or landing page for my browsers. I have a handful of interesting gadgets (more on those in a future post) Streamyx it generally works well for me. It has also been a refreshing change from Netvibes.Theres one spot that Netvibes definitely

If Streamyx are own an Xbox 360 then Streamyx are probably agree that it is an awesome console. Probably the only thing that lets it down slightly is the amount of problem that it has.

The hardware problems on the Xbox 360 range from the DVD drive problems, 1 red light error otherwise known as E74, 3 red light error and the overheating error which will display Streamyx red lights.

This article will give you an explanation of each problem and what they mean.

The main problems on the Xbox 360 are indicated by red flashing Streamyx on the power button when you switch the console on, and here is what they mean:

1 Red Light: if you have 1 red flashing light then you may also get an error message on the screen. Normally what is displayed is the message "E74" and this basically means that your scaler chip has burnt out. The scaler chip deals with all the display and graphical capabilities of your games so if you have this error you will need to ring Microsoft customer support and let them know.

2 Red Lights: the to streamyx combo error that you might have is the 2 red lights error which indicates that your Xbox is overheating. What you can do here is to try hoovering all the dust out and you may find that it works again, as one of the major causes of overheating is when the dust builds up.

3 Red Lights: if you have the 3 red lights then this is probably the most serious problem that you can get. It basically means that you have a general hardware failure and will need to get your Xbox repaired.

4 Red Lights: if you have 4 red lights then don't Streamyx too much as this is normally the AV cable in the Streamyx not being properly plugged in, double check this and your Xbox should work.

The other problem mentioned above is a DVD drive error and the most common is when you insert a game disc and it will not play. This problem is caused by overheating inside the Xbox at the back of the DVD drive and get this fixed you will need to ring Microsoft or repair it yourself.

And this article I have listed the five most common Xbox 360 problems and what they mean so hopefully you have the 2 red lights or the 4 red lights problem and can get your Xbox back Streamyx and running today!

Good luck!

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