Monday, May 11, 2009

Is the Videophone the Telecomm Device of the Future?

The telecomm industry has become one of the largest and most profitable industries in the world. Everything from wireless phones to voip long distance services, this industry generates billions of dollars annually. But, nothing has taken the telecomm industry farther than the advent of the videophone.

So, what exactly is a videophone? Well, a videophone is simply a device that allows you to communicate with others via video and audio. Now, before you think that this is the same as a webcam, think again. A videphone is designed for real time audio and video, where a webcam tends to be a bit slower and sometimes choppy. The next question remaining is, where does one find a videphone, and exactly how expensive are they?

Many telecomm and technology developers have made attempts at designing a videphone that performs well, and is also affordable. A videphone that is just a glorified webcam would serve no purpose. At the same time, it must be within everyone's financial reach. Through our research, we have found the best videophone, based on performance and affodability, to be the streamyx broadband Iris 3000.

The ACN Iris 3000 is actually the third generation videophone from ACN. ACN, or American Communications Network, has been in business since 1993, and is the world's largest direct selling telecommunications service tmnet streamyx ACN is on the forefront of this industry, and is utorrent streamyx developing new technologies to better the world of telecommunications.

The Iris 3000 comes with many features, including a 7" digital lcd screen, the ability to tmnet streamyx video and audio to another device (such as your TV and home audio system), fully functional phone book, video mail, video messaging and more. The ACN videophone also includes broadband voip phone service, with free calls anywhere in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Service also includes free videophone to videophone calling anywhere in the world. So, if you have relatives in other countries, and they and you each have an Iris 3000, Streamyx calls between you are free.

The ACN Iris 3000 Videphone is only available through an ACN Independendent Representative, and is free until November 30, 2008. Now, the only question left is, is the videophone the telecomm device of the future. Some say yes. Yet, some say that the future is now. The ACN Iris 3000 Videphone is proof of that.

Kurt Tasche is an ACN Independent Representative. For more information on the ACN Iris 3000 Videophone, please visit

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