Monday, May 18, 2009

Micromax X4i Dual SIM Mobile Phone

This dual streamyx zone phone is from the company that offers wireless internet providers mobile phone that just needs to be charged just once a month. So even if you kualalumpur malaysia not heard its name often, you can trust Micromax for innovation.

About Micromax
Micromax Informatics Ltd. started in 1991 and now hotels in malaysia grown to become the country's leading telecom internet providers A pioneer in creating long life battery mobile phones, Micromax has to its internet flowers innovations that have revolutionized the telecom sector. Driven by aspirations and passion for innovation in the telecom sector, Micromax is all set to compete in the global giants streamyx free pc its dedicated innovation.

Micromax X4i Dual SIM mobile phone
Not many companies have a decent performing dual SIM mobile phone. The Micromax X4i Dual SIM mobile phone does not have the wow factor but has features that can easily compete with a smart phone or low end PDA.

To start with the Micromax X4i Dual SIM mobile phone has a 2 MP camera broadband isp ratings is decent enough not to le you miss on a quick snap shot and that is what most phone cameras are for unless you are looking for a photography phone like the Sony Ericsson Cybershot or its kind. The camera allows for video recording and has the auto landscape feature that gives a wider angle to broadband service providers videos. For music lovers the FM radio lets you get a taste of your FM station on the go. The music player supports MP3 / WAV / AAC / AAC+ /WMA keeping you hooked to your favorite music. The phone also has a voice recorder along with a scheduler to help you organize.

The Micromax X4i Dual SIM mobile phone has an impressive 3 inch touch screen with 262k color QVGA display that's comparable or in some cases better than most high end PDA screens. The phone just weighs 92 gms which is astounding considering the load of features it has.

To keep you seamlessly connected the Micromax X4i Dual Sim Mobile phone has GPRS, WAP, USB and Bluetooth with A2DP. The mobile phone also has the TV Out slot to connect it to your TV for viewing images and videos. And the best part the theft tracker prevents your fancy little gadget to be stolen from you. The Micromax X4i Dual SIM mobile phone can be synchronized with your PC and has games to keep you engaged while not working.

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