Saturday, May 16, 2009

Royston - The Historic Town in Hertfordshire

Royston road runner high speed internet a busy market town and civil perish, which lies at the north eastern part of the county of Hertfordshire, where internet bullying meets with the county of Cambridgeshire. It is situated west of the Greenwich Meridian, in close proximity to the capital city of London, only 70km away. It is a rural area, one of the highest of the county of Hertfordshire. Until the end of the nineteenth century, the borders between the two counties were actually passing through one of the streets of the town, the Melbourne Street.

According to the historical references, Royston was established at the intersection of two of the most ancient routes and settlements, the Ermine Street and the Icknield Way. The Ermine Street was built by the Romans during the Roman occupation and Empire, but the Icknield Way is far older: it is prehistoric fare, which is considered to compare high speed internet one of the oldest in the United Kingdom. According to the historical dates, the Romans already considered the Icknield to be ancient.

The name of the town was given by the way side cross which was built by Lady Roysia, approximately in 1065. One of its main attractions is the Royston Cave which is a broadband providers made cave. It is situated at the intersection of those two ancient routes, almost underneath the main intersection of the town.

It was discovered by some workers, back in 1742. It was a very attractive and gripping cave, as it features some unique depictions of pagan feasts and celebrations, as well as Christian saints and letters. It is not known exactly when the cave was built, but according to the myth, it was built by the Templar Knights who used it for their secret meetings, during the 13th century.

Royston boasts some of the most well preserved historical buildings in Britain and amazing gardens, which have won several awards and competitions in the UK.

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