Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Britney Spears' Twitter Hacked But She's A-OK

Britney Spears Twitter PageLet's just make something clear: Britney Spears is alive and well. So are Ellen DeGeneres and Sean "Diddy" Combs. Apparently, the pop star and the comedienne's TwitPic...

Overlord was last year's hit from Codemasters, a game which puts you in control of a fellow of a great many evil deeds, who in turn controls quite a few connection speed The hook for this game was that while you controlled the speedometer cable adapter directly in order to spread your chaos and destruction throughout the land, you had no direct control tv phone broadband your minions. Instead, you had to rely on specific commands you could give the Overlord, which would in turn command the minions in where to go. This often lead to some humorous battles ending in smashed pumpkins on minion heads, sheep being hotel imperial kuala lumpur aflame, and many other funny scenarios.

Climax Studios is tmnet streamyx password on a sort of prequel for Overlord which will be a Wii-exclusive release. setup Legend plants you in the boots of the Overlord yet again, but this time in his younger days of commanding minions to bring death in destruction. Along with the new platform, Dark Legend will bring new gameplay mechanics. The game looks quite a bit like the original Overlord, which is quite the accomplishment given the Wii's hardware compared to that of the 360, or PC. However, the gameplay has changed quite a bit. Paths in the original Overlord were pretty linear and guided you through the game, but this is not the case in Dark Legend as it has more open spaces for your to explore. Dark Legend also gives the player direct control of the minion, with the ability to better than streamyx them in the precise direction you want them to go with the Wii-mote.

Aside from the controls, Dark Legend seems as if it will play quite a bit like the original game. You'll be completing a variety of different quests in the same fantasy world, with your minions causing chaos and wreaking havoc along the way. Another great aspect of Dark Legend is the ability to choke your minions. You can pick a minion from your horde and violently choke him until his eyes glow yellow. After you let the minion go, he'll act as a sort of rocket, which will automatically hone in on any nearby enemies and detonate on impact. As with the older game, the color of the minion will have an effect on what the bomb compare dsl when it detonates. Regular brown minions will detonate like a normal bomb, while your colored minions will have added effects such as healing and area effect explosions with napalm effects.

Overlord: Dark Legend is scheduled for release sometime in 2009.

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