Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bonded ADSL Can Replace Expensive Diginet Leased Lines - At A Fraction of the Cost

With Best Adsl Modem secure internet security hi speed internet broadband cut costs streamyx 1mb survive the current economic downturn, companies are looking broadband package ways to trim excess costs without cutting away any vital resources that they need to operate an Adsl Speed Test and efficient Best Broadband Deal . In some respects, the current downturn, for those companies that survive, will be beneficial as it forces us to become more productive and efficient with our scarce resources, meaning that our long-term competitiveness will be enhanced.

One area that can often lead to significant cost savings without the lose of any capabilities or capacity is IT spend, especially when one scrutinizes your monthly operational settings item expenses. The fact is that technology moves at a rapid pace and yesterdays "state-of-the-art" solution is today's inefficient resource hog. When times are good we tend not to look at an recurring expense again once it has been approved, it simply becomes part of the monthly budget. Now is the internet credit card processing to look at those expenses and ask, "is there a cheaper more efficient solution to replace our current setup?" One check my internet speed area that should be looked at is your corporate Internet Tmnet costs. lonely planet malaysia this article is written based on the current state of Streamyx Combo access in South Africa, my home country, the general principles, if not the specific themselves are of universal application.

Replace your old, expensive diginet line with a bonded ADSL solution
When Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines (ADSL) first came out,it was billed as a consumer service. Many small and medium streamyx update (SME) were quick to identify ADSL as a cheap way to streamyx customer support connected to the Internet without relying on slow dial up or an expensive diginet leased line. The problem was, however, that ADSL could only get you so far. ADSL's shortcomings are:

  • Limited bandwidth speeds,
  • Extremely poor upload speeds, when compared to its download speeds,
  • Limited account sizes,
  • No guarantee on service availability

In South Africa our current top of the line ADSL connection can provide a maximum of 4Mbps. If you want higher throughput you need to consider, expensive 3g or HSDPA wireless solutions. The costs of these wireless alternatives are prohibitive. However, over the last two years, bonded ADSL has emerged as an alternative to expensive diginet leased lines. Bonded ADSL works by taking up to 6 ADSL lines and bonding their bandwidth together to get a throughput that is up to 6 times more than any one line.

Thus a company can get a download speed of up to 24Mbps up and as much as 2 -3 Mbps upload speed at a fraction of the cost of a diginet leased line. In fact you can get two or more of these solutions for the price of 1 diginet leased line.

This is Tmnet Speedometer one area in IT where one can cut costs but researching newer solutions that have become available over the last few years and replacing your current older technology.

Mark Clarke has over 10 years experience consulting with companies and individuals on the best broadband option for their needs and budgets. Whether its ADSL,diginet,3g or iBurst. He currently works, part time, at the broadband connectivity solutions company, Cyber Connect assisting their customers in developing the most cost-effective and appropriate solution for their remote branches, road-warrior sales staff, and corporate Internet connectivity needs. He also consults on implementing firewalls and network management solutions, to help in the proper management of corporate networks. He occasionally works for where he advises corporate on how to cut their IT costs, and manage their infrastructure cost-effectively. For more information please visit bonded ADSL

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