Thursday, July 16, 2009

Convert DVD Movies and Video Files to iPhone MP4 Format

You may have Broadband Subscription problem, when streamyx price Tmcommy trying Telekom Malaysia put DVD Adsl Speed Test Broadband Speed Test some funny videos to the iPhone, the iPhone says no to you. Want to figure out how to deal with this problem? Read the rest of this article.

Normally, the video format that supported by iPhone is MP4. But Tm Net Malaysia DVD movies and most of your downloaded video files are not in this Adsl Speed Test this is why you can't put this files to your iPhone directly.

To put DVD movies and downloaded videos to the iPhone, you need to convert them to iPhone MP4 format first. But unfortunately, iTunes can't do this for you, so you should download a third part software like a iPhone video converter to help you.

There are many iPhone video converter tools on the market, but the usage of these tools are almost the same:

Step1: load the DVDs or video files you want to convert.

Step2: choose a proper output profile and customize you output Cheap Adsl Modem change the resolution, aspect ratio, register streamyx volume, video brightness or some other settings to meed your requirement.

Step3: enter the output files name and select the output folder.

Step4: click on "Converter" to start the conversion.

Step5: when the conversion is finished, transfer the output files to the iTunes and then to the iPhone.

Tips: normally, the default settings are often the best, you don't need to change anything. But if you DO want to change the settings, make sure that you know Adsl you're changing.

iPhone Video Converter

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