Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kelly Sott: Cameron Douglas' Drug Mule!

Cameron Douglas' girlfriend, Kelly Sott, was busted yesterday for trying to smuggle the accused meth dealer some heroin while he was Adsl Speed Test a courtroom.

We can't decide if this is disturbing, pathetic, hilarious or all three.

Cops say Kelly Sott was caught trying to pass an electric toothbrush to Cameron Douglas. One that happened to be stuffed with dime bags of heroin, of course.

This took place in a conference room in a federal courthouse in New York City, according to NBC New York, and Sott was taken into custody by police.

Cameron was in court facing charges from his crystal meth bust.

The DEA believes he's been slingin' meth over the last few years. Officials say they busted the 30-year-old after a prolonged sting and that he is not small time.

He is accused of being a well-oiled drug machine, selling methamphetamine between New York and L.A., delivering the addictive substance in person, or via Fed Ex from a California hotel, according to the criminal complaint.

Kelly Sott Picture

Kelly Sott is seen here with alleged meth dealer Cameron Douglas and Academy Award winner Michael Douglas. Nice photo. Troubled individuals. Well, not you, Mike.

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