Sunday, September 20, 2009

OTK - What a crafty bugger!

By Eyes Wide OpenThose of you who remember my behind the scenes peek at the MCA, will remember I said Chua Soi Lek is Najib's proxy in the...

The Samsung F110 which is popularly known as Samsung Adidas Micoach. Actually the product is a tmnet malaysia of collaboration between Samsung and Adidas, which is a leading company in the sports arena. It is a sliding open phone that comes in light weight which is only 80 grams. It also has perfect resolution which is 101.5 mm in height 14.5 mm in thickness and 45 mm width. The sleek dimension of the mobile phone can spellbound anyone for a moment.

The Samsung F110 is empowered by many matchless features. Such as 2 inch wide TFT display screen which is controlled or regulated by navigation button given just underneath the wide screen display. This TFT screen is highly helpful as on which you can view any vibrant image, screen saver and wallpaper that too without feeling stress on your eyes.

This Samsung F110 is also a perfect pro. Actually the widget is furnished with heart rate monitor and a stride sensor which are excessively useful functions to the users. As with the help of these features one can keep the track of his performance, particularly running. The stride sensor given in the mobile phone is attached with shoe of the user for enumerating the pace, stride and distance. While monitor is used to maintain the record of information passed by stride sensor. And thus this sensor provides you authentic information with inclusive feedback.

Besides being a good trainer the Samsung F110 is also perfect appliance for Java embedded games and advance music. It is provided with 1 GB embedded memory which is used to carry many functions of the mobile phone. An integrated music player is also provided for playing heart breaking songs. And 2 megapixel camera is also among the wide range of multimedia capabilities which comes with image setting option.

This mobile phone is not only good for capturing pictures and listening to music but at the same time it can be used to record the video clips as well. It Adsl Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line now, at anytime of the day you can make video clip by Samsung F110. But mind you that these video clips are recorded inH263 and MPEG format.

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