Saturday, September 19, 2009

What Are the Benefits of Satellite Internet?

Are there any benefits to signing with computer router satellite Internet Company? Yes, and these are advantages that cannot really compare to cable, or traditional DSL. The primary advantage is that satellite Internet is available in more locations than terrestrial Internet. Even in very remote areas where there is no phone or cable connection available, a satellite Internet connection can still operate Dsl Line top speeds.

This is because of the technology involved. A satellite Internet connection is powered by a satellite in geostationary orbit. The satellite sends signals back down to the earth, some 22,000 miles below. Menara Telekom fact, the signals are so strong that even users that regularly travel by boat or RV can still use the Internet connection. It is estimated that the two largest satellite companies in the world actually reach 99% of all zip codes in the U.S. The figures for telephone companies and traditional DSL providers are no where near in comparison.

The speed and reliability of satellite Internet is also comparable to that of broadband. The estimated uptime is 99%, which is equal to or exceeds the uptime of most terrestrial Internet providers. Another advantage this technology offers over DSL and cable is that residents can keep their phone line and enjoy their full bandwidth. Because it is powered by a satellite dish instead of a traditional model setup, you always have the phone available. In fact, you may even choose to cancel your phone altogether!

Pricing is one of the major issues that may scare some users away from satellite and back to traditional high speed DSL. The truth is that satellite Internet used to be expensive because it was a relatively new technology. However, the success of satellite TV and the evolution of the Internet consumer market have left their marks. Now satellite broadband companies are able to compete against traditional providers and offer more reasonable prices for homeowners and apartment dwellers. Some satellite companies may charge as little as $59 a month. Of course, some companies may package various plans together including Internet access, web hosting, extra security features and many other add-ons.

Will satellite Internet work in hard-to-reach areas like apartment complexes? In order to function properly, a home satellite dish must have a clear line of sight to and from the orbiting satellite. For some locations this is not a problem; because they own their own home, they can get a clear view of the southern sky by just adjusting some personal belongings and furniture. However, in some apartments (especially ones with sunken levels and many trees) satellite service may be hindered. If the radio frequency decreases to below the point of 900 megahertz then penetration through trees and plants will increase. However, keep in mind that most satellite signals work optimally at two gigahertz.

Satellite Internet is an option that you should seriously consider. It may be the answer to all of your DSL-related problems!

As America's leading satellite internet service provider, HughesNet delivers broadband speeds up to 50x faster than dial-up. HughesNet internet service is available anywhere in the contiguous U.S. and with lease options and free standard Connection Speedometer getting started is easy and affordable.

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